Food Hall Design

Food Halls are becoming an extremely popular concept across the country, and we design concepts that are built to stand above the rest. We prioritize innovative designs, operations and the customer experience. We craft bespoke spaces meant to keep customers comfortable, intrigued, and longing to stick around. A food hall is more than a spot to grab a bite – it’s a place to build a vibrant community of customers, vendors, and staff.

Our Method

We tap into our award-winning designers and architect relationships to develop stunning, contemporary spaces. Our expert partners collaborate to design balanced spaces that blend vendor stalls, amenities, and seating space. Of course, we always ensure to keep the latest health and safety codes in mind.

We take key space and design considerations into account when planning new concepts, including but not limited to space functionality, seating, traffic, materials, and aesthetics. We work closely with ownership and vendors to simultaneously design functional vendor stalls with aesthetic appeal.

HHQ’s architect and design team relationships allow us to curate revolutionary projects and we pride ourselves on projects that are constructed on time and within budget. With our award-winning design partners, we’ve been able to create extremely successful projects that become community pillars.

Food Hall Projects

1375 Peachtree

Coming Soon! Opening Summer 2024.



ATE ATE ATE is the newest property in the collection of unique destinations owned by the Windfall Group and will be operated by the outstanding team at Hospitality HQ. Our food hall is part of a new development at Burnsville Center, a popular community hub for shopping, dining, and entertainment that first opened in 1977. Burnsville Center itself is under new ownership and is being updated and revitalized in ways that will reflect today’s lifestyle preferences for an exciting new gathering place. The new food hall aims to bring international cuisine with nine diverse vendors, a central bar, and Enson Market, an Asian supermarket. 


Press & News

Coming Soon: Ate Ate Ate at Burnsville Center

Ate Ate Ate is coming to the north extension at Burnsville Center, set to open later this spring. The new food hall aims to bring international cuisine with nine diverse vendors, a central bar, and Enson Market, an Asian supermarket. The Windfall Group, in partnership...

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