Food Hall Marketing & PR

We have extensive experience marketing a wide range of projects, and know the best approaches for each. We’ll craft content that fits the personality of your business, and display this across social channels to increase visibility. This increased visibility will assist in building your customer base, generate conversations, and drum up interest about food hall.

Our marketing and PR experts will work closely with you to design your food hall’s brand and voice, bring you widespread and sustainable attention to ensure long-term success with an ever-growing loyal customer base.

Social Media Management

At Hospitality HQ we understand the importance of driving brand awareness across social and digital channels. In today’s world, engaging with future and past customers is a vital but time-intensive task that requires an expert team of social media experts.

A strong and effective social media approach can improve the performance of the entire brand, and build loyal audiences that are excited and ready to engage with your food hall. Our social media specialists work to develop a robust content strategy meant to align audience, brand voice, objectives and goals, creating campaigns and building out content calendars focused on driving relevant traffic.

Social media is more than just pictures: Our campaigns are focused on increasing your food hall’s awareness and driving traffic to your website. We also create interesting, appealing, and relevant content that reflects your business’s philosophy and concept. Photos of the space, amenities, dishes, vendors, or the cooking process are all strong assets to your brand.

Community management and influencer relations are key to the success of any social profile, therefore HHQ focuses on creating original content and copy, engaging with fans and followers, leveraging influencer partnerships and managing your brand’s media library. We focus on building on what you already have – whether that’s an existing social presence or an idea – while also curating new content, campaigns, and relationships.

Branding, Web Development & Graphic Design

The online experience is a part of the holistic guest experience when it comes to food halls. Creating a website that is customer-oriented will invite interest and avoid quick exits. We’ll use your vision to guide the design of a beautiful, user-friendly website that communicates your food hall’s brand. Using HHQ’s branding, website development and graphic design team, we are able to offer a complete scope of design services to bring your concept to life on the screen. From naming exercises to website, logo and brand package development, we define and prioritize the personality of your project and produce innovative, creative, tangible results