Developing innovative and creative hospitality solutions.

Hospitality HQ (HHQ) is a creative consulting and management group offering bespoke solutions for culinary-driven concepts across the United States. Helmed by award-winning chef, restaurateur, TV personality and cookbook author Akhtar Nawab, HHQ’s dynamic and comprehensive team prioritizes high-quality service at all levels, producing systems for food and beverage concepts which consistently optimize the guest experience.

Hospitality Development

The breadth of our experience ranges from food hall development and management, to Michelin-awarded restaurants, hotel operations, banquet and catering operations, and fast-casual concepts, boasting critically-acclaimed restaurant and communal dining projects nationwide.

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Concept Development

We provide hands-on assessments, projections, and reports to help develop your idea into a profitable business. Understanding your competition is an integral part of development as well as long-term success, and Hospitality HQ provides a full competitive set to allow you to discover and highlight your niche in the market.

Operations & Management

Hospitality HQ boasts over 40 years of combined experience in all corners of the dining and hospitality industry. Ranging from fast-casual food halls to four-star fine dining establishments, no concept is too small or too large for our team to lead to success. We have the necessary tools and expertise to get your service and operations to the place they need to be.

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Communications & Marketing

Consumers are more tapped in than ever before, and we’ve fine-tuned our communications strategy to effectively convey each project’s unique story to the right target audience, thereby building meaningful relationships with the press, community and beyond. Our in-house public relations and social media experts will work closely with you to design your project’s brand and voice, bring your business widespread and sustainable attention, and ensure long-term success with an ever-growing loyal following.

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Culinary & Menu Development

With our finger constantly on the pulse of the trends in food and beverage, our team is always ahead of the curve when it comes to what consumers want. With critically acclaimed chef Akhtar Nawab at HHQ’s helm and a Michelin-rated restaurant in our portfolio, Hospitality HQ is uniquely positioned to ensure consistent quality and profitability of both food hall and restaurant partners alike.

Architecture & Design

By utilizing HHQ’s architect and design team relationships, we are able to procure bespoke projects that are constructed on time and within budget. With our award-winning design partners we are able to maximize space and functionality with contemporary, fresh appeal, always with the latest health and safety codes top of mind.

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International Food Hall Consulting

As the fastest-growing food hall management company in the United States, we have extensive experience overseeing international food hall projects. We combine a passion for food with industry-leading operational expertise to transform your vision of a world-class food hall into reality.

International Consulting