We at Hospitality HQ are passionate about leading and meaningfully contributing to the hospitality industry at large. As such, in light of recent events our team has developed a comprehensive plan to address the many operational challenges presented by COVID-19.

We’ve created Hospitality HQ’s COVID-19 Handbook which outlines how we operate each of our food halls and restaurants now and moving forward to ensure the health and wellbeing of both our guests and our staff.

At its core, hospitality extends beyond food, beverage and service and comes down to making people feel truly safe, comfortable and happy. The protocols outlined in this handbook have already proven to show positive results in terms of guest feedback and significant return of revenue across multiple HHQ projects. We hope that this document will not only showcase our dedication to genuine service and hospitality, but also provide our fellow restaurateurs, food hall operators and vendors with tools to successfully navigate this unprecedentedly difficult time within their own respective businesses.