Food Hall Operations

Hospitality HQ is currently the fastest-growing food hall management company in the country, with 40 years of craftsmanship and solutions in all corners of the dining and hospitality industry. We’ve spent years perfecting our team, tools, and practices. We can take over day-to-day operations so you can focus on the bigger-picture things. We’ll prioritize your vision while applying industry expertise and best practices to operations.

Building a relationship of trust with our vendors is key, and we work closely with each vendor to make certain their stalls are set up for success. We’ll work closely with vendors to ensure a smooth operation.

Our team of food hall experts have a proven track record of success in the industry. We’ll work with you to evaluate your business, and develop a strategy based on your specific needs. You can relax knowing the responsibility of management is in the hands of industry experts.

Who We Work With:

We work with those ready to take their food hall concepts to the next level. We have decades of combined experience in all aspects of the dining industry, and have the tools to lead you to success whether your team is large and established, or just starting out.

We work with food halls of all sizes to optimize their services and improve customer satisfaction and business efficiency. We’ll work with you, your staff, and vendors to keep your business running effectively.

Back End Assistance:

Additionally, we provide back-end assistance. This includes anything from payroll to financial flash reports.

Our backend assistance allows vendor principals to get a better understanding of their business as a whole, and get a better sense of where the business is headed in terms of growth. The success of vendors is our success, which is why our team will work tirelessly to ensure operations are at peak efficiency.

Food Hall Projects

Monarch Market

Monarch Market offers a fresh take on the many facets of modern dining. From romantic experiences to grab and go, you’ll discover an incredible collection of food vendors with enough flavorful variety to satiate any craving and the wide selection needed to satisfy any craving. With a robust curation of 13 vendors and 3 bars, Monarch Market sits in the heart of Uptown Charlotte.


The Local Market + Bar

The Local Market & Bar is Salt Lake City’s highly anticipated dining destination, opening 2022. The 7,500SF culinary collective and bar will feature 7 artisan culinary concepts and an exciting bar and event space. Located in the heart of Downtown Salt Lake City, The Local Market & Bar is nestled within The Exchange, a $110 […]